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Task Deadline Status
Router driver patches for HAM frequencies 07/2015 Done
Meshed network using 802.11g ad-hoc + Batman + IPv4 + Avahi 09/2015 Done
Working stationary test network 11/2015 Done
Arcman Service: HAMNET access 02/2016 Done
Arcman Service: Update server 03/2016 Done
Arcman Service: akaFunk/Arcman website 03/2016 In progress
Arcman Service: Mumble 03/2016 Done
Size optimisation of router firmware 04/2016 Done
Arcman Service: SIP, MobileIP (VPN) 05/2016 Done
Development and/or acquisition of alternative hardware
due to EU "Radio Equipment Directive"
07/2017 In progress
Evaluation of (and switch to) 802.11p (instead of 802.11g ad-hoc) 12/2017
Switch to IPv6 / Remove of IPv4 12/2017
Evaluation of alternatives to Avahi/mDNS 12/2017
Deployment of more fixed/exposed Arcman stations in and around Braunschweig 12/2017 In progress
Development and testing of drivers for USB Wifi sticks 12/2017 In progress
Seamless integreation of HAMNET into Arcman and vice versa 12/2017 In progress
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